The Ebon Hawk - Arrival

The Ebon Hawk - Arrival - 61mm Lens
Steam Particle Trail Test 001

The Ebon Hawk - Arrival - 61mm Lens
Dripping Water Particle Test 001

The Ebon Hawk - Arrival

I Started to learn Unreal Engine about 2-3 weeks ago.

Having heard recently about Star Wars: Kotor and the upcoming video game, I decided to put something together using both the Free assets from Epic Games library on the Marketplace and a 3D model of The Ebon Hawk was made by this fella right here (Aden Martin):
You can get it on

My objective was to show a "Reveal" of the fastest ship in the Outer Rim, The Ebon Hawk!

I added Wukong, The Monkey King character from the video game Paragon in the scene to add some interesting contrast in sizes between him and the Spaceship.

I'm a freelance storyboard artist by trade and the next step in the production pipeline is doing Previz/Animatics and Cinematics.
This project was geared towards learning how to work with UE4 and to see what I could come up with.

After rendering the animation sequence, I imported it into iMovie to do the text intro, the sound FX, and the soundtrack along with the credits at the end.

It is a work in progress but this is the result so far.

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