Personal Project: Previz - Unreal Engine 4.25 - The Ebon Hawk Arrival

The Ebon Hawk - Arrival - 61mm Lens
Steam Particle Trail Test 001

The Ebon Hawk - Arrival - 61mm Lens
Dripping Water Particle Test 001

The Ebon Hawk - Arrival

I'm a freelance storyboard artist by trade and the next step in the production pipeline is doing Previz/Animatics and Cinematics.
This project was geared towards learning how to work with UE4 and to see what I could come up with.

I decided to put something together using both the Free assets from Epic Games library on the Marketplace and a 3D model of The Ebon Hawk was made by this fella right here (Aden Martin):
You can get it on

My objective was to show a "Reveal" of the fastest ship in the Outer Rim, The Ebon Hawk!

I added Wukong, The Monkey King character from the video game Paragon in the scene to add some interesting contrast in sizes between him and the Spaceship.

After rendering the animation sequence, I imported it into iMovie to do the text intro, the sound FX, and the soundtrack along with the credits at the end.

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