Personal Project : Blender Grease Pencil Hybrid 2D/3D Previs

VisionGP UI

StoryLiner UI

Vision GP Blender Add On

Blender - Grease Pencil

Blender 3D Grease Pencil Tool for doing Animatics.
Rough Pass of Testing

The main objectives with these little shorts was to see if I could do cam moves, camera cuts as well as figuring out the workflow.
It's by far my favorite tool to work with when doing animatics.

Big shout out to Paul Coulthard (Spitfire Storyboards) for his awesome YouTube Tutorials and for providing the Initial Blender Source file. Thank you to Mr. Ed White for creating the coding behind the Blender (Cursor-Snapper) Add-On.
Ed's youtube: Ed's youtube:

Ed's Cursor-Snapper Doc :
Ed's youtube:

They both worked on the Cursor-Snapper Add-On for Blender which really is a must if you are doing previs animatics.
Check it out and drop them a coins for the support if you plan on using this amazing Add-On.
You can purchase the Add-On on gumroad here:

Also, the StoryLiner Add-On A.K.A. "Ubisoft's Shot Manager" from Julien Blervaque.
You can learn more about it here:

The VsionGP Add-On can be purchase via their website.
Amazing Add-On to incorporate into your workflow:
Created by: Maciej Gliwa and Ravi Kamble Govind